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In this compelling YA contemporary from author Miel Moreland, a bisexual teen's path to political staffer stardom is in jeopardy, until she convinces a cute new candidate to team up with her on the campaign trail.


On the worst day of her life, Madison is dumped by her girlfriend, then fired as said (ex)girlfriend’s campaign manager... plus she accidentally rear-ends the student government advisor—the one person whose good word might help her win a spot at a prestigious youth politics summer camp.


But Madison is nothing if not a girl with a plan, and she isn’t going to let a little thing like heartbreak (or a slightly dented bumper) get in her way. Soon, she has a new junior class president candidate to back—although the two of them might be getting a little too close on the campaign trail. Between navigating her growing crush and corralling a less than enthusiastic election team, Madison has had it with unexpected changes to her carefully laid plans. But when she and a group of queer classmates discover a pattern of harassment within the student government, Madison's forced to shift gears once again.

Something Like Possible is a love letter to ambitious girls, queer solidarity, and how to keep moving forward when the world seems set on pushing you back.

Designer: Julia Bianchi
Illustrator: Bex Glendining 

Content Warnings

Primary CWs: Non-graphic depictions of sexual assault and self-harm. 

Secondary CWs: Bullying, homophobia, biphobia, and non-consensual outing.

"By turns tender, earnest, and beautifully righteous, Something Like Possible is a love letter to the ambitious queer girls who will change the world. My vote is a resounding YES."
— Edward Underhill, author of Always the Almost

“Miel Moreland writes the stories I wish I had as a teenager—inclusive, empowering, and unapologetically queer. Madison’s journey is one that is crafted with such sensitivity and tenderness, showcasing the realities of being a queer teen without sacrificing queer joy. For every ambitious girl who has been told that they are “too much,” Something Like Possible is a validating promise that you are enough.” — Marisa Kanter, author of As If On Cue

"This wonderful book has something on the ballot for everybody, including political nerdery, adorable romance, righteous anger, and queer joy. I emphatically vote for Miel Moreland as an author to watch!" — Dahlia Adler, author of Cool for the Summer and Home Field Advantage

"A convincing portrayal of a determined teen tackling issues of homophobia, political awareness, self-harm, and sexual assault all while doggedly pursuing her own dreams and ambitions."

Publishers Weekly 

"Moreland's novel is a powerful, much needed story for queer girls... An important book to have on any shelf; I would trust Madison to run my campaign (and my life) any day." — Nicole Melleby, author of The Science of Being Angry

"I inhaled this book." — Emma Kress, author of Dangerous Play 

“For everyone who’s been hurt and felt the need to bear it alone, who doesn’t know who will believe them, who needs to know that there are people out there who will support them no matter what, this book is for you, all of you, and it is a triumph.”
— Alice Scott, Bards Alley bookstore

"At once a protest song, a tribute to unlikeable girls, and a heart-warming queer love story, Something Like Possible will have you ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work." — Jasper Sanchez, author of The (Un)Popular Vote

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