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It Goes Like This
(Feiwel & Friends, Spring 2021)

IT GOES LIKE THIS is a YA contemporary novel about friendship, second chances, and getting what you want without losing what you have. 

After their breakup a year and a half ago, the former members of the Grammy Award-winning band Moonlight Overthrow took seriously the advice to “begin as you mean to go on.” Celeste has just released her second chart-topping solo album; Gina already has an Oscar nomination under her fashion-forward belt; Steph has vanished from the entertainment industry to spend time with family back in the Midwest. And as Eva sits in English class and writes songs for other performers, she tries to forget she was the only one who didn’t want this new beginning. Of course, it’s hard to completely focus on her under-the-radar future when her past keeps showing up on the dash of her secret fangirl Tumblr. What’s more, a chance encounter at a Hollywood party brings Eva’s sadness and anger over losing both her band and her girlfriend rushing back. 


The flood of reunion rumors, however, is nothing compared to the storm that devastates the band’s hometown. As they work together to prepare for a charity reunion concert, each member is left wondering if they can rebuild more than just the town.

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